Are you thinking about investing into an Electric Vehicle (EV)? Perhaps environmental impact is high on your priority list? If this is true, there are plenty of benefits of making the switch to driving an electric car. They have a huge positive impact on our environment, especially if you have a business that runs a fleet of vehicles. 

Are EV’s better for the environment? 

To answer simply, yes. In recent years, the entire world has come to the realisation that carbon emissions are harming our planet. This has led the UK Government to set a ban on the sale of newly constructed petrol and diesel cars from 2030. 
Fully electric vehicles have zero-emission, and their batteries can be charged using renewable energy. Not only is it cleaner and better for the environment to drive these vehicles, but it is also better to maintain as the need to produce petrol and diesel is eliminated. Electric Vehicles are much more energy efficient compared to an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. 
New Electric Vehicles usually incorporate lots of different technology, such as regenerative braking. This is what allows these vehicles to be more efficient and use less energy. The UK also hopes to connect more and more EVs to the electricity grid to share power at peak times. 

What is Regenerative Braking? 

Regenerative braking is built into all electric vehicles and is a feature that helps you maximise range. The effect of this makes the process of braking less wasteful. When you take your foot off the accelerator in an Electric Vehicle, the regenerative braking will start to slow the car down before you touch the brake pedal. This then harvests the energy, storing it in your EV’s battery. 

Are EV’s suitable for business use? 

Business vehicle leasing is becoming more and more popular. As well as its environmental benefits, Electric cars and vans are more sustainable when it comes to the economical side of running both large and small businesses. They have a lower leasing cost, as more competition and higher demand helps to drive the cost of leasing an EV down. 
Electric Vehicles also have an improved range capability, making them much more suitable for companies who need vehicles for business use. Most EV models offer a ‘real world’ range of more than 150 miles per charge. Some Teslas have a range of more than 400 miles! So, if your company drivers need to cover a greater distance on a daily basis, the UK has an ever-improving charging network, and is on hand to help. There are now more EV charging stations across the country than there are traditional petrol stations. 

How can Eco-lectrical help? 

If you’re looking to become an EV driver, for both personal or business use, we can install your very own charging station to ensure your car or van is always ready for use. We are experts in installing EV charging, providing a much cheaper and more efficient way to get around. 
Speak to the team today to find out more. 
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